Information about Aruba

Aruba is, together with Bonaire and Curacao, known as one of the A-B-C Islands in the Caribbean. The island has a long a history. Originally populated by the Caquetios Indians from the Arawak tribe, the island was colonised by the Spanish, the Dutch, the English and later again by the Dutch. As of 1986 Aruba has an independent status within the Dutch Commonwealth. The population of Aruba is about 100,000 consisting of over 40 nationalities. The unemployment rate is extremely low and as is the number of families under the poverty level. There is very little violent crime on the island. Tourism forms a large part of the economy and the islanders are normally very friendly and helpful.

Communication is easy – English, Dutch, Spanish and Papiements (the local language) are spoken nearly everywhere. Street signs, restaurant menu’s, telephone books, etc are usually printed in both Dutch and English. The majority of tourists come from the US, Venezuela and the Netherlands.

The climate is exceptionally pleasant. The island lies close to the equator and is well placed away from the hurricane zone. Storms rarely touch the Aruba. There are few rainy days and therefore that many more sunny ones. Prevailing breezes make the temperature of 81° F very enjoyable all year round!

Despite the fact that Aruba is not a large island, there is a lot to do during your stay here! There are a number of sporting activities to enjoy like diving, snorkelling, (para)sailing, windsurfing and many more. There are beautiful beaches, untouched, quiet or busy – whatever you prefer. Romantic wedding locations complete with sunset options on the beach. There are, in addition, many tourist attractions, midget golf and water parks. Restaurants galore with food from a dozen countries, some of them right on the beach so you can eat with your toes in the sand. Enough choice of fun stores, big and small, can be found on Aruba to do shopping. Also all the famous brand names of perfume, clothing and jewellery can be found on the Island. In the villa there is a information binder with all the information you may need regarding activities on Aruba with telephone numbers, addresses and websites.

Especially for the golfers, there are 3 golf courses on Aruba! As reservations in advance are recommended, here are the related websites:, and